Aural Aesthetics | Boombox 
The initial happenings of the boombox illustration sprang from the enthusiasm to prepare a surprise candlelit dinner. The love interest of this project is a music business major with an interest toward old school boomboxes. I was inspired to incorporate that passion into an 11in x 17in invitation for a night full of laughter, wine, a homemade pasta dish, and, of course, music! 
Keeping point to capture the liveliness of character of the individual the illustration was produced for, the illustration was a success, as well as the prepared dinner that followed. 
Much later, and now presented to you, I decided to bring back out the boombox illustration to revamp it by adding sneakers, a hat, and a color scheme that adds a whole new attitude. 
Aural Aesthetics came about on a whim from the warmth and essence of each word and the substance of the two placed together with the initial interest of the illustration in mind. The brand is in the process of establishing itself for music-related foundations that bare traditional hip-hop as it’s principal theme. The brand will have a web presence and be accessible on mobile.
"Aural" | Pertaining to or perceived by the ear 
“Aesthetics" | The sensory – emotional response to a subject 
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